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About The Band

Throughout the course of their musical career, Midnight Renegade has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances and continuing to record new singles, Midnight Renegade (previously known as The Mitch Band) has been earning the admiration and affection of fans since 2020. They serve as both an inspiration and as role models to younger artists & individuals.

Midnight Renegade is a Country Rock Duo that consists of 2 musicians from various genres & experience levels, and together makes it a powerfully creative unit with songs enjoyed by all ages that target meaningful topics.

The Band:

Vocals & Guitar: Mitchell Bukarz

Drums & Keys & Guitar: Jeff Desender

Midnight Renegade is strongly influenced by the community, culture and sounds of their individual hometowns of Minnedosa & Neepawa Manitoba. Even as youngsters, they were drawn to music and musicians. They truly understand the power of sound and try to perform music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum. Their signature style is instantly recognizable and is becoming a sound that others are beginning to emulate. With their name becoming increasingly heard on various stages, their career is at an important crossroads that could see them burst onto the international charts within the next year.

After 7 months, they received a Manitoba Country Music Awards Nomination for Cover/Tribute Group of the Year & have hit the Canadian Indie Country Countdown charts with Mirrors. 

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